Aircraft Repossession and Enforcement: Practical Aspects Vol II

Aircraft Repossession and Enforcement
Aircraft Repossession and Enforcement: Practical Aspects Vol II
Nath, R

Adding a second volume to the peerless country-by-country guide first published in February 2009, this book brings lessors, financiers, and operators valuable assistance in the management of aircraft during default periods and repossession proceedings in an additional 14 jurisdictions, bringing the total jurisdictions covered to 46.

The two-volume set is also of great value as a preventive guide on issues arising in aircraft finance or lease transactions, especially in the drafting of associated contracts. Defaults, workouts, and repossessions of aircraft are still on the rise globally, and the situations that can lead to, or arise after, an event of default remain literally endless. This is the best way to be prepared for virtually any contingency.

Local aviation law experts from each jurisdiction provide in-depth responses, country by country, to an extremely detailed questionnaire that includes eighty ‘real-life’ questions covering such categories as the following:

  • • self-help procedures;
  • • court proceedings;
  • • arbitration and other non-court proceedings;
  • • money claims;
  • • bankruptcy;
  • • non-consensual liens;
  • • rights and security interests in aircraft;
  • • deregistration powers of attorney; and
  • • export permit issues.

Fees, time periods, costs of all kinds, remedies, immunities, required documentation, recognition of foreign judgements, interim measures and other court proceedings – all these and many other crucial considerations are fully explained for each jurisdiction. Loaded with precise, up-to-date information and expert practical guidance, this two-volume set will be of enormous value to aviation lawyers, in-house counsel of aircraft owners and operators, receivers, export credit agencies, banks, lessors, lenders and investors with an interest in the aviation industry.

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