Arbitrators' Insights

Arbitrators' Insights
Arbitrators' Insights
Chiann Bao
Sweet & Maxwell Asia


  1. Neil Kaplan’s Leading Role In The Development Of Arbitration In Hong Kong And In The Famous Harbour City Case By David Bateson
  2. Dallah And The New York Convention By Gary Born & Michael Jorek
  3. Three Cautionary Notes for Investor State Arbitrators on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties By Charles N Brower & Epaminontas E Triantafilou
  4. Three Person Tribunals: Does The Arbitral Process Benefit From Arbitrators Having Different Types Of Expertise? By Peter Scott Caldwell
  5. Raising The International Profile Of The Chartered Institute Of Arbitrators By Tony Canham
  6. Lessons From A Model Of A Modern Arbitrator By Simon Greenberg
  7. Foreign State Immunity in Australia By Gavan Griffith
  8. Sovereign Immunity and International Arbitration – Recent Developments By Kaj Hober
  9. Issue Conflict In ICSID Arbitrations By Michael Hwang & Kevin Lim
  10. The KORUS FTA Investor-State Dispute Settlement Scheme Controversy: Should American Investors Be Worried? By Kevin (Kap-You) Kim & David MacArthur
  11. Damages And Interest In Investment Treaty Arbitration By Sabine Kanrad
  12. Obstacles and Opportunities - Whither Summary Dispositions? By Christopher Lau
  13. Serious Irregularity and section 68 Applications to Court By Julian DM Lew
  14. Festschrift For Neil Kaplan By Arthur Marriott
  15. Is International Arbitration Shooting Itself In The Foot? By Karen Mills & Ilman F Rakhmat, Hanna Azkiya & Priyanka Tobing
  16. Hong Kong’s Development As An International Arbitration Centre: Some Historical Notes By Michael J Moser & John Choong
  17. When Is An Arbitration Agreement Waived? By Michael Pryles
  18. The Internationalisation of Hong Kong Arbitration Law and Enforcement of Awards against Chinese State Owned Enterprises By Kim Rooney
  19. Mock Arbitrations By Klaus Sachs & Nicolas Wiegand
  20. The Garden House Riot (1970) And The Kuwait Prison Case (1971) By V V Veeder
  21. Mediation by an International Arbitrator – "Appropriate" or "Antithetical" Dispute Resolution By Jeffery Waincymer
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