Auditing and Reporting 2014-15

Auditing and Reporting 2014-15
Auditing and Reporting 2014-15
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Auditing and Reporting is the essential handbook of standards and guidance for the qualified or trainee auditor.

Designed to help you work with the standards easily and quickly, the book provides a fully revised and updated reference to ensure you always remain compliant.

The new updated edition of this popular reference work contains the texts of:

  • ISAs (UK and Ireland) - all International Standards on Auditing extant at 30th April 2014
  • ES - the Ethical Standards for Auditors and reporting accountants, including PASE (provisions available for small entities)
  • SIRs - Standards for Investment Reporting
  • PNs - all extant UK Practice Notes. (Practice notes relating to Ireland only are included in the contents list but not reproduced)
  • Bulletins - including 2010/2 (revised 2012) with the compendium of illustrated auditors' reports.
  • Selected Guidance from the ICAEW in the form of documents from their AUDIT or AAF series.

ISA 700 on audit reports has changed as have ISAs 315 and 610. There are a large number of consequential amendments from ISA 610, so all of the relevant ISAs have been updated to reflect this. The ICAEW's AAF 09/13 release on assurance engagements is included and replaces the 03/06 release. There is a new Practice note on Housing Associations and on financial instruments. WIth so much change it will be important to ensure you have all the current information to hand.

Also included in this edition is the important briefing paper issued by APB about applying scepticism in an audit, something that regulators are sure to be referring to and using to assess best practice:

  • Professional Scepticism - Establishing a common understanding and reaffirming its central role in delivering audit quality
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