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Senior Counsel 1978-1986: Lord Hope's Diaries

Lord Hope’s Diaries is the title of a series of books which covers the whole of Lord Hope’s career at the Scottish Bar and as a Judge in Edinburgh and then in London. It provides a unique and fascinating insight into a way of life in the law that has now passed into history. This was a time when the legal profession in all its aspects was much less closely regulated than it is now. As a result Lord Hope’s career unfolded in a way that could not be repeated today, as he progressed direct from the Bar to the most senior position in the Scottish judiciary as Lord President, from there to the House of Lords as a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and then to the newly established UK Supreme Court as its first Deputy President.

Senior Counsel, the first book in the series, covers the period from his taking silk in 1978 to the months before his election as Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. For the first four years David Hope served as an advocate depute. The diary during this period describes the rough and tumble of criminal trials, but it was still possible for someone who was doing this job to vary it with other work. Much of his work was related in some way to the North Sea oil and gas industry, as was the long-running case in which he was acting for an American corporation which occupies much of the second part of this period. The stresses and excitement of a busy practice are described throughout the book in vivid detail, as are the personalities of those before whom he appeared and with whom he worked during this stage in his career.


Nothing So Practical as a Good Theory: Festschrift for George L.Gretton

Professor George Gretton’s contribution to legal scholarship in Scotland and beyond over the last forty years has been immense. "He has shown us how to live the scholarly life", his  longstanding friend and colleague, Professor Kenneth Reid writes in the foreword. "There is a brilliance and vitality to his writing and a distinctiveness of voice that mark it out as work of exceptional quality." Professor Gretton’s interests are varied and wideranging. As a teacher he is held in affection by generations of students. His period of service as a Scottish Law Commissioner from 2006 to 2011 was a distinguished one, which culminated in the enactment of the Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012. He is well known to the legal profession in Scotland for his annual conveyancing lectures with Professor Reid.

This book marks Professor Gretton’s retirement in 2016 as Lord President Reid Professor of Law in the University of Edinburgh. Contributions have been made by colleagues and friends from academia, the judiciary and legal practice. They are collected within subject areas of particulr interest to him, including the law of obligations, the law of property, the law of succession and the law of trusts. The essays include both discussions of Scots law and the law of other jurisdictions, including France, Germany, Louisiana, Quebec and South Africa, as well as a reflection by Professor Gretton himself. The volume will be of interest to his former students, to his academic and professional colleagues and to private lawyers everywhere.


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