Guide to Mediating in Scotland

Guide to Mediating in Scotland
Guide to Mediating in Scotland
Malcolm, E
Dundee University Press

Mediation is developing in many different areas today throughout Scotland. While some of these may be familiar others are less well known. For the first time, these areas are comprehensively brought together in A Guide to Mediating in Scotland. As well as exploring the differences which occur between these developments, the book also identifies the key skills and core values in each and explores the common themes.


  • Family mediation
  • Neighbour/community mediation
  • Business and commercial mediation
  • Workplace and employment mediation
  • Peer mediation
  • Rights-based mediation relating to Disability Discrimination Act and the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act
  • Environmental and planning mediation
  • Insider mediation – ombudsman, complaints, local authorities, patent office, churches etc
  • Basic mediation skills
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