Insolvency Law: Corporate & Personal 3ed

Insolvency Law: Corporate & Personal
Insolvency Law: Corporate & Personal 3ed
Keay, AR
Jordan Publishing Ltd

Insolvency Law: Corporate and Personal is written in a detailed yet straightforward way, making it accessible to both practitioners and students. This comprehensive book explains legislation and discusses cases on all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency, covering each of the procedures available. The text is presented logically under headings, with pointers to more specialised information and additional cases.

This third edition:

  • significantly expands the material on international insolvencies in order to address the many case law developments
  • deals with changes in the Insolvency Rules
  • discusses the latest case law on the prescribed part under s.176A
  • incorporates changes to the law on dissolutions of companies
  • considers the anti-deprivation principle
  • examines how the football creditor rule operates in CVAs
  • considers the conflicting case law on procedural requirements for out of court administrator appointments

Insolvency Law: Corporate and Personal is a popular first port of call for non-specialists and those new to the area of insolvency, whether in practice or whilst studying.

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