International Commercial Arbitration & Concilication in UNCITRAL Model Law Jurisdictions (3ed)

International Commercial Arbitration & Concilication
International Commercial Arbitration & Concilication in UNCITRAL Model Law Jurisdictions (3ed)
Binder, P
Sweet & Maxwell

International Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation in UNCITRAL Model Law Jurisdictions gives you complete coverage of UNCITRAL's Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and the Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation. It covers all the information that you will need when considering arbitration in one of the 'Model Law Countries' and enables you to ascertain what you can expect in each jurisdiction.

The reasons for and policies behind UNCITRAL's Model Laws are clearly and analytically examined. The work evaluates the different views on the provisions and their practical implications. With an examination of over sixty national adoptions of the Model Laws (including the world's top ADR locations and new countries that have adopted the Laws since the previous edition), this work gives you a complete picture of global practice.

Updated with extensive commentary on the revised 2006-Model Law provisions on arbitration agreements and interim measures, the new edition also includes CLOUT case summaries for the first time. The new edition highlights details of the new countries that have adopted the Model Laws since the second edition, and features a first preview of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2010.

Key Features

  • Helps you understand the concepts behind the formation of the Model Laws through article-by-article analysis.
  • Reproduces the UNCITRAL Laws in full in the Appendices, giving you easy and quick reference.
  • Contains information on the decisions taken in Model Law Jurisdictions and shows how the have been successfully enacted.
  • Provides case law examples and charts detailing which articles have been adopted in each jurisdiction, helping you asess the law for the jurisdiction in which you are working at a glance.
  • Provides information for those states who are considering adopting the Laws.
  • Covers the progress and gives details of the amendments to the Model Law allowing you to trace developments.

Online access to the latest developments
Purchasers of the book are entitled to access a dedicated website, which will include valuable information such as news of recent adoptions, newly published cases and links to relevant material, plus in-depth discussion of topical developments.

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