Law of Agricultural Tenancies in Scotland (4ed) (2 Volume SET)

Law of Agricultural Tenancies in Scotland (4ed) (2 Volume
Law of Agricultural Tenancies in Scotland (4ed) (2 Volume SET)
Gill, Hon Lord
W Green & Son

The law of agricultural tenancies has grown and developed significantly since the previous edition of Lord Gill’s book. The new 4th edition is published as a two-volume set. Volume 1 contains the insight of Lord Gill, an author widely acknowledged as the principal authority on agricultural law in Scotland. Volume 2 includes up-to-date case law and full appendices of legislation.

The Agricultural Holdings Act 2003 resulted in completely new forms of tenancy and amended laws relating to holdings. This new edition provides a complete overview of the historical development of the law and an understanding of its current standing.

The content has also expanded significantly and now includes:

  • 1991 Act Tenancies
  • Limited Duration Tenancies
  • Leases for Grazing or Mowing
  • Jurisdictions and Remedies
  • Land Court Practice
  • Arbitration

This title is essential reading for all those dealing with agricultural tenancies, including solicitors, agricultural valuers and arbiters.

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